Jopr jbpm plugin sneak peak

If you download and play with the new released jBPM4.1, you will find there are lots cool things: gwt based jPDL process designer , tomcat support , other enhancements and bug fixes. If you svn check out the jBPM4 code base and dig it , you will find there are enriched apis you can use to build some interesting stuff. As Joram says the jBPM4 is not a black-box system and you can always get things under control : you can extend it ,customize it and you can monitor and manage it . Here I write a plugin for it to demonstrate what you can use its apis to clearly see what is running in jBPM. The jBPM4 provides many apis and command to let user get all the running and history information abou process instances, tasks , activities and other things . It all can be probed by invoking these jbpm4's apis . In this entry , I'll show you my work about this jopr and jbpm plugin.

As you may know , there is a new improved management console based on embededJopr in jbossAS5. The management console can also be extended by writing a jopr plugin . Here I extend it by adding my developed jbpm plugin to allow operators monitor and manage the jbpm4 engine :

  1. There are components for JBPM engine to show the jbpm health , number of deployed process , running instance, ended process instance and average instance duration :
  2. Process deployment management : you can use these operations or add/delete resource button to deploy , suspend ,resume and delete the deployments.
  3. All the process definitions will be listed under Process definitions directory . Unfold the process definition, you can monitor its status and the activities of this process definition.
  4. History process instances , process instance , tasks and history tasks are all viewable . There are operations for you to select all these items what you want to see.
  5. The running process instance and ended process instance directory help you to monitor the process instances you interested in nearly real time . The latest status value of process instance and tasks will be listed in the added instance tree.
  6. Job component provides the visibility to all kinds of job : message , timer and even exceptional job :

There is also a screencast for this plugin to show how it works : jopr jbpm plugin

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