Record video with Webcam and Raspberry Pis

When I got the Raspberry Pi, I always have question what else we can use it for.  In a recent conference, we want to demonstrate our mod_cluster's function:  we cut off the power supply/disconnect one server , the web app running in the jboss7 still works and served by other servers.We don't have another projector and professional photographer to record the video and project to a big screen. So we tried to create our home made video recorder to get this : WebCam with Raspberry Pi (powered by battery).  It's better than the video recorder , because it can  start a video stream sever. The video can be accessed by http client , a normal  web browser. So speaker can project the video from his laptop, audience can also connect to the server to see what happens, it's more interactive, isn't it ?
    These are my equipments to make this work:

  •     Raspberry Pi  + 8G SD Card

  •  Microsoft  HD-3000 Webcam

  • TP-Link WN725N Wireless N Nano USB adapater

  • Portable battery

  • Micro USB cable

After you get these things , you only need two steps to start the http stream server :
1. Burn the Raspbian "wheezy" image to your sd card. Follow the this guide is pain free to do this.
2. Compile mpeg-stream from source code on wheezy.Wolf Paulus wrote a great blog to guide you compile it.  Follow it , it is also pain free to do that. After it is compiled, go to the  mjpg-streamer, run start.sh. You can now get the video stream from remote server. 

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